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Tenders Inquiry

Tenders Inquiry

What We Provide/Do

Government e-Marketplace or the GeM works like a one-stop portal for online procurement of different types of Goods and Services of common use needed by many government departments, PSUs, and government organizations. The main goal of Government e-Marketplace is to bring the highest level of transparency, speed, and efficiency when it comes to public procurement.

Through GeM, it is possible to combine the best of e-bidding, demand aggregation, and reverse e-auction. It makes it easier for government users to get the optimum value for their financial resources.

Steps for registering with our Government e-Marketplace
  • Visit the relevant page on our online platform to create your User ID and password.
  • Once you do that, you need to come up with your profile.
  • You can make use of our tax assessment services that can help you seamlessly manage tax compliance requirements
  • You can carry out brand approval tasks using our GeM platform.
  • Generating invoices can become simple by using our Government e-Marketplace.
  • Updating stocks will be hassle-free.
  • Other tasks you can carry out with our Government e-Marketplace platform include bid submission and getting information about the ongoing bids.
  • You can also upload the catalog document for the products and services you have to offer.
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